Thursday, May 30, 2013

Cat playing ipad game

Free therapy is one of the benefits of owing a cat. There are many other benefits to owning a cat including the undivided love and attention that a cat provides to its owners and carers, the warmth and love that a cat offers and the fun bundle that it is also. The therapeutic qualities of the cat include lowering the blood pressure of people that own cats and pet them on a regular basis, increase of Seretonin that is the feel good drug in the body and many other stress reducing qualities. In addition cats are considered in many cultures are lucky charms, having a cat close by can be very lucky for the owner – it is of course not a replacement for effort but it can help the effort made. One way to make use of the cat and also enjoy oneself is to have a cat close by or on a lap when playing online casino games. Playing online casino games can often be very stressful and the action of petting the cat can in fact reduce that stress together with increasing the feel good feeling of the player. And in some cases the cat can also be a lucky charm for the online casino players.
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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

iPad Casino Cat Game

cat playing ipad casino
When a gambler decides to play at the online casino the gaming fun begins from the moment that he signs up for his personal casino account. As the gamer enters the casino he is presented with a Welcome Package that awards him gaming credits that allow him to play more games for longer periods of time. From there the excitement continues to build. The Internet casino presents gamers with a wide range of online casino game alternatives including card games such as blackjack and poker as well as multiple variations of those entertaining games. In addition gamers can select an online lottery which include keno, bingo, or scratch card. There are multiple table games at the online casino including baccarat, craps and both European and American roulette. The final coup de grace for many gamblers is the casino slots room which offers gamers hundreds of different slot games from which to choose including both three reel classic slot machines and five reel video slots.  Most of the games involve competitions against the dealer but if a player wants to play a game against other gamers he can sign in for an online tournament in which players from around the world compete to win. The online casino offers players the opportunity to play in a relaxing environment of entertaining fun which they can access from the comfort of their own home. Gamers can snuggle with the family cat as they play their preferred casino games while sitting in their easy chair, sofa or even while they curl up together in bed. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hallucinations of a Cat

cat hallucinations op art
Online roulette is a very colorful game with red and black pockets together with either a green single zero pocket or two green pockets, one with a single zero and one with a double zero depending on which version of online roulette is being played. The online casino allows players to try out the game of online roulette for fun or practice prior to placing real money bets giving players a chance to get to know the game and understand the betting system before they place their own bets. This is something that definitely would not be possible at a land based casino where all games are real money games. There are many other advantages of playing at the online casino that include the comfort of being in one’s own home or at the office, the choice of deposit options, the total secure of each deposit and the instant access to the games and all deposits made. In addition players can choose where and how they play and with whom, if they want to have their beloved cat on their lap they can and if they want to sit in their pajamas and play they can also do that.